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Swimming Lessons For Everyone!


Here @ SWIMAGATOR, we pinky promise to help you and your child to achieve water confidence and stroke efficiency. We cater classes to all ages. Choose your swimming class to know more.

Baby Swim Classes
6-12 months old
Baby Swimming Class
Toddler Swim Classes
1-3 years old
Preschooler Swim Classes
3-5 years old
Swimming Coach
Backstroke Swimmer

    Kids Swim Classes

          5 years old & above

     Adult Swim Classes

          Age is no barrier

Prenatal Swim Classes
Let's stay fit


Infants n' Tots

Focus: Water Familiarisation/Confidence/Survival

Exploring the water with confidence and survival skills is honed as early as 6 months old. While parent-child bonding sessions are incorporated, gain the trust of your little ones by executing skills such as survival float and underwater dives.  Be amazed and give your child an early head start in their developmental milestone, as they are probably able to do more in water than on land. 


Focus: Stroke Development

Kids as young as 5 years old are nurtured and trained to be independent in water gradually. Stroke development includes front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. This common strokes are used to swim across the pool and thus improving their stamina. Swim Safer Course and Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award (SSPA) are offered in the kids’ program. 

Expectant Mums

Focus: Learn to Swim/ Maintain a healthy lifestyle

You will feel almost weightless in the water despite the extra pounds you have gained during pregnancy! Buoyancy of the water allows minimal or no strain on your joints n’ ligaments. Bid farewell to morning sickness as swimming is known to curb nausea and revitalize your energy. Not too worry, I will personally get in and guide you in the water.

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