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Pre - Schoolers

(3 - 5 Years Old)


At this stage, a child is generally playful and active.  Our fun, gentle-approach aquatic programme is designed to enhance their motor and cognitive skills. Empowering them with a sense of freedom in water will boost their self-esteem and confidence. Splash n’ Share your child’s laughter with us.

Self - Float

Student shall learn independent front and back float.

Breath Control

Student shall learn to breath and blow bubbles underwater using correct techniques.

Safety Roll onto Back

Student shall learn to roll onto their back as a form of safety when swimming.


Student shall learn to submerge underwater with and/or without goggles confidently.

Basic Backstroke

Student shall learn to kick on their back independently.


Student shall learn streamlined-kicking to and from the wall independently.

. . . .and many more

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