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(1 - 3 Years Old)


Nurturing toddler’s affinity for water is achieved through 100% involvement of proactive parents and proper coaching techniques. Shy and resistance in the beginning are commonly seen among them. But fret not. Toys, interactive games and songs are a weekly sight where you and your child can look forward to. Sing n’ Splash; learn and play with us. 



Toddler shall be conditioned before attempting any water activites.

Proper Hold

Parents are equip with information on proper holds and safe submersion when handling toddler in the water.

Breath Control

Toddler shall learn to hold breath upon breathing cues.


Toddler is encouraged to do basic propulsion around the pool to reach for toys.



Toddler is encouraged to explore underwater and reach for toys.


Toddler is encourages to attempt independent front and back float gradually.

. . . .and many more

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